Don't limit your business by only selling b2c on Shopify

Shopify is great for B2C but it's not made for wholesale ordering

Don't waste your time with incomplete, buggy plugins and complicated discount codes that interfere with your b2c channel

We natively support customer specific pricing and discounts, minimum order values, store credit, and much more

Only preapproved customers can log in and see your wholesale prices

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Automatically sync your inventory levels

Inventory is deducted from your wholesale store when it decreases on Shopify and vice-versa

When you replenish inventory on Shopify the wholesale levels are automatically synchronized

Instantly import your existing SKUs from Shopify

Item names, descriptions, images and MSRP prices are automatically populated into your wholesale store

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Don't waste time updating your items in two places

When you make changes to products in Shopify, the same items are updated in OrderCircle

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If you need a custom wholesale solution, OrderCircle will gladly assist you.

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